Discovering the island of Palawan

If you are a tourist, or you are looking for a naughty place to spend your holidays, then you should know that the island of Palawan is currently one of the most visited places in the world. Yes, when we talk about Palawan, you already ask a lot of questions such as: Where is this place located? What makes it one of the most attractive places in the world? Then don’t worry, because in this article, we will address these parameters.

Location of Palawan Island

Palawan Island is located in the west-southwest of the Philippines in the province of Palawan. It is one of the Sulu Sea Islands. It is geographically located at 9°30’N and 118°30’N. It has an area of 12,1899lm2 and a population of 430,000 consisting of Bataks, Tagbanwa and Palawans. This area makes it the fifth-largest island in the Philippines.

Top 5 places to visit on Palawan Island

Palawan is a vast territory with thousands of islands and islets. There are so many fantastic places that you can’t visit them all at once. Check out the top 5 best destinations in Palawan here:
El Nido: This is a place located in the northern part of Palawan. What makes this place the most visited place in Palawan is its wonderful beach that guarantees tourists an unforgettable stay;
Puerta Princsa: This place is the capital of Palawan. Its underground river makes it one of the most popular places for tourists;
Coron: This beautiful place appeals to tourists because of its underwater asset. You will find several types of fish and ships from ancient times;
Linapacan Islands: This part of Palawan is in the middle of El Nido and Coron. It is popular because of its fresh waters;
Taytay: This place is located south of El Nido. It stands out because of the locality of Fuerza de Santa Isabel.