The Best Tourist Sites in Thailand

The Asian continent as a whole is a place that many people dream about. Thailand is one of those wonderful countries that fascinates its visitors. If you want to discover Thailand and know the places that make this country a tourist gem, we suggest you read this article.

Let’s go and discover Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos. Its population is estimated at around 68.3 million and covers an area of 514,000 km2. Its ancient culture is safeguarded by the presence of temples, museums and traditional buildings. With its emergence, it has joined the group of the newly industrialised countries of Asia. Its economy is largely based on tourism. Speaking of its tourism sector, Thailand presents its visitors with a multitude of tourist sites. From its capital Bangkok and its several other historical cities, visitors are amazed to have discovered Thailand.

Introduction to some of Thailand’s tourist sites

As highlighted earlier, Thailand is one of the most attractive countries in Asia if not the world. Here we present some of the exciting places in this country.
Chiang Mai: This is a region in the north of Thailand. Its wonderful beaches make this place welcome thousands of people especially westerners. You can also see the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple in this place.
Pai: If you are not a beach or temple enthusiast, don’t worry because Thailand has plenty to offer. Indeed, this small region of the country presents you with those must-see mountains that make you discover the wonders of nature.
Bangkok: This is the capital of Thailand. With its 19.5 million people and over 400 Buddha temples, this city is bustling at all times. Thailand is so visited in most Asian continent.

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