Japan's Best Sights

Japan is a country located in East Asia. Composed of many monuments and museums, this country has a lot to attract tourists. If you have a dream to visit Japan and you don’t know which place to choose, we offer this article as a guide. It will introduce you to some of the most fascinating sites in this country ?

Why go to Japan?

Still called the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. Located on the other side of the world, this country has managed to preserve its culture and tradition dating back several centuries. These temples and archipelagos play an important role in Japanese culture. Its capital Tokyo is made up of traditional and modern houses. Its historical museums, impressive temples, mechanical factories and lively corners make it one of the most attractive capitals in the world. Another impressive city in Japan is Kyoto. This city is home to the oldest temples in the country. Also the regions like Nara or Hiroshima make Japan a tourist wonder.

Some of the most attractive sites in Japan

Japan is a country that every tourist dreams of. Its megacities, culture and historical temples guarantee travellers an exceptional stay. Here are some of the places in Japan that make you dream.
Osaka: It is one of the most famous cities in Japan. Consisting of Osaka Castle and a temple called Shinto Shumiyoshi Taisha, this city offers culture lovers a great stay.
Nara: This town is located a few kilometres from Osaka. The magnificent Todai-Ji temple in which the bronze Buddha is irrigated makes this city one of the greatest cultural sites in Japan.
Nagoya: The famous Honshu Island is a beautiful place in Nagoya that must be visited.
Ine-Cho: This locality is an impressive village of Japan thanks to its strange constructions.
These are very famous for the number of people who come here every year.

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